Muse will open as a General Institute

After last meeting of Muse board of directors it was agreed to launch MUSE as a general institute including information technology courses,Business administrators courses,Tourism management.

MUSE use METI simulators

MUSE singed a contract with Meti Medical Education Techonologies,Inc. to use their simulators as a learning tools that impact the education of future doctors, nurses, first responders and military medics.

What do METI simulators do?
METI simulators save lives by providing a learning platform that allows students and practitioners to practice without harming real patients. By offering a variety of simulators that meet the exacting needs of our users, we are able to provide a higher level of measurable skill acquisition for the healthcare industry. Here is how METI current products are impacting medical education.


METIman®: METI's newest wireless simulator is available in two models, one built specifically for nursing education and one for prehospital training. Both models are fully wireless with on-board fluid, pneumatic and electrical systems and are built tough to withstand a wide variety of real-life, indoor and outdoor learning environments. Each model comes with extensive clinical features and capabilities designed specifically for nurses and medics.

Human Patient Simulator—HPS®: Anesthesia programs around the globe count on the physiologically-based HPS to reliably train their residents on intubation practices and the delicate nuances of placing a patient under anesthesia. The most prestigious medical colleges and nursing programs look to the Advanced Drug Recognition System of the HPS to provide students with the finer points of medicating patients and monitoring the patient response in real time. The HPS is the gold standard in the medical industry for meeting the Core Competencies outlined by the ACGME and we are continually perfecting the educational value of this product

iStan®: METI's most advanced wireless and tetherless simulator represents the first real breakthrough in medical mannequin technology in the last 30 years. iStan looks, feels and acts so real your students won't even know it's a mannequin. iStan's array of advanced features and breakthrough technology will take your simulation training to a new and exciting level of realism.

Emergency Care Simulator--ECS®: As the world’s most portable human patient simulator, the ECS has set a new standard for medical education by offering the ability to practice life-saving skills in any environment. The ECS touts the same physiology and pharmacology models as its big brother – the HPS – but, at a fraction of the cost.

PediaSIM®: At METI, we know that pediatric patients aren’t just small adults—they are intrinsically different on every level. That’s why the PediaSIM plays such an important role in ensuring that a learner’s first real exposure to the complexities and nuances of treating a critically ill child takes place when the stakes aren’t high and the dangers aren’t real. We believe practice makes perfect.

PediaSIM® ECS®: Life with children is unpredictable! That's why METI created the PediaSIM ECS—the first highly portable pediatric patient simulator that can go anywhere. The PediaSIM ECS was specifically designed to make responding to even the most unexpected critical events in the most unlikely places seem like second nature to your learners—all the while building the skills and the confidence they need to provide safe and effective pediatric patient care.

BabySIM®: BabySIM meets a growing demand for a simulator that can isolate the critical skills medical professionals need before interacting with infants. The BabySIM incorporates our most advanced features—including an accurate airway—and carefully adapts our technology to realistically represent an infant patient.

Müse™: Müse is the all-new, touch-screen user interface for METI patient simulators that makes everything about running your simulator easier, faster and friendlier. Educational content, patients and curriculum are managed through one cohesive, turnkey system that means with a single click you’re up and running. Müse runs on web-based technology so it connects wirelessly to your network and offers touch-screen capability providing all the benefits of simple, “on the fly” control with all the power of METI’s “model-driven” technology. Available now with iStan and METIman, Müse will soon be available for all METI simulators.


Pelvic ExamSIM®: The Pelvic ExamSIM is METI’s first exam-oriented simulator, which provides learners with a whole new way to perfect female pelvic examination skills. By creating a platform that offers truly objective and measurable feedback, learners and instructors alike can know first-hand if students are ready to perform proficient and sensitive female pelvic examinations. Using patented Touch-Sensitive™ technology, the ExamSIM opens the mind’s eye to provide a greater overall learning experience.

METI LiVE®: LiVE, or Learning in a Virtual Environment, delivers the highest level of medical simulation training, allowing educators to recreate a virtual hospital or disaster event environment with existing patient simulators. With as few as three simulators, METI LiVE enables one operator to control and transfer patients “virtually” from ER, to OR to ICU and create a real hospital environment or any health care environment with multiple patients in various stages of treatment, multiple points of care and multiple care givers.

METIVision™: METIVision is a fully integrated, digital audio-visual management system that is data-synchronized in real-time for use with METI simulators. METIVision is the only solution available with the capability not only to capture and store simulation data, but to broadcast and review any medical simulation exercise using METI simulators.

TDCK™: Used in tandem with the METI HPS, ECS, iStan or PediaSIM, the TDCK introduces blood flow, mucus and secreted fluids into a training session. Instructors can create the drama of crisis scenarios that involve major blood loss with little set up and a few simple software commands. Real-life reactions
to chemical exposure or major trauma can be simulated right down to the very last detail.

eDose®: eDose is a web-based solution for drug dosage calculations and assessments for healthcare students and professionals. This powerful learning tool provides all the understanding and skill development you need to safely and accurately perform medication dosage in clinical practice.

What are METI’s education and training services?
While it is METI mission to always build the very best technology, it is our emphasis on the educational value of METI products that truly sets us apart. We believe that integration is the key to our products’ success. That is why we have introduced the METI Learning Modules — a turnkey line of learning packages that help develop meaningful learning experiences with real time applications.

METI current Learning Module packages include:

Adult Nursing
Advanced Cardiac Life Support
Cardiopulmonary Critical Situations
Combat Medic Advanced Skills Training
Disaster Medical Readiness
Emergency Medical Services
Foundations of Nursing Practice
Infant Emergencies
Infant Nursing
Nurse Optimization Program
Pediatric Emergencies
Pediatric Advanced Life Support
Pediatric Nursing
Perioperative Management
Program for Nursing Curriculum Integration
Respiratory Education Simulation Program Module 1
Trauma Medical Care
Additionally, METI offer direct support to us in the form of education programs that facilitate instructors on how to operate their METI system as well as how to implement this powerful learning tool into their curriculum. Each program was created to help our users learn how to use their simulator and how to make the most of their investment. Currently, we offer the following integration support packages:
-The Program for Nursing Curriculum Integration
-METI Consulting Program
-On-Site Training
-Product Education

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